Terms of Sale


The following terms apply to any purchase of new or used tires from Next Level Tires, Inc.

Every new and used tire sold by Next Level Tires, Inc is sold “AS IS.” There are no “Express” or “Implied” warranties or guarantees, with the exception of the points listed below:

  • All tires listed for sale are “USED” unless specified in the description as “BRAND NEW” or “NEW;”
  • Next Level Tires, Inc is not aware of prior usage nor the history (including any repairs) of any tires sold;
  • After we receive each tire, our personnel visually examine it and conduct an air test to determine tread depth and any visible damage;
  • Some tires may have been mended professionally (safe spots only, meaning no sidewall repairs). Please keep in mind tires can be patched or stem patched. We DO NOT warrant or represent the quality of such repairs but we guarantee there have been no sidewall repairs made;
  • After your order is received, the tires are again inspected visually and with air before being packaged and shipped. If damage is discovered during our second visual exam, we will not ship the tire(s). The purchaser will be contacted within 24 hours via telephone or e-mail;
  • Once the buyer receives the tire(s), the installer MUST inspect each tire before installation;
  • If the inspector discovers any tire damage, the tire can be returned to Next Level Tires, Inc in accordance with our 90-day Return Policy. If upon receipt it is determined the tire was damaged when shipped to you, there is no restocking fee and Next Level Tires, Inc will administer the shipping fee;
  • Failure to notify Next Level Tires, Inc by telephone (760-305-7250) or e-mail (info@nextleveltires.com) of the tire’s unsatisfactory condition within 5 days of receipt, tells us you have accepted the tire in its current condition when you received it. You must also describe the nature of the damage and if you wish to return the tire(s);
  • All tires are sold in accordance with our 90-day customer satisfaction return policy;
  • Next Level Tires, Inc does not guarantee whitewall or white letters. We only guarantee that one sidewall will be black; and
  • Rims (wheels) are NOT included.

When placing you tire order, the buyer agrees that, in exchange for Next Level Tires, Inc Return Policy, every new and used tire is sold without Express or Implied warranties. Other than the above statement and any sale resulting from your order is “As-Is,” meaning there are NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES, either of merchantability or fitness for a specific purpose. In other words, there are NO WARRANTIES extended beyond anything stated in our Terms & Conditions.

As permitted by law, Next Level Tires, Inc disclaims any liability for consequential or additional losses, damages, or expenses, in addition to profit loss and business interruption, beyond our stated Return Policy.

When purchasing any tire(s) from Next Level Tires, Inc, buyers agree that regardless of their location, state law is applied to this transaction (excluding its conflicts of laws and rules), especially taking into account that your order is placed to our offices in California, payment is received in California and the tires are being shipped from California.