Frequently Asked Questions

Can you ship to Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Alaska?

Unfortunately, shipping charges range between $180-$250 per tire. We do not permit customers to use their personal shipping account.


What is the age of the tire(s)?

Each one of our postings contains information for all tires, including the DOT (date tires were manufactured). Example: DOT 3617- means 36th week of 2017.


Where is the repair located?

All used tires can be professionally repaired. Our repairs are conducted according to the RMA Guidelines.  We guarantee no sidewall repairs, some repairs may be close to the sidewall but are completely safe. If you question any specific repair, please do not purchase the tire. Safety is priority!


Do you offer local pick-up?

Yes. Our warehouse is located in Vista, CA. However, before making the drive, please call us at (760) 305-7250 for availability so we can reserve your tire.


Do you offer installation?

We do not offer installation at our warehouse but we do recommend a local family-owned business called Olive Tire Shop. They mount and do high-speed balancing, usually $15-$30 per tire, depending on size.


How long do these tires last?

We are unable to provide you with the exact mileage or time estimate because that depends on the driver and how they service the tires. Every posting has a visual tread measurement in 32nds.


Where should I get my tires installed?

We recommend a professional installer from local tire shops or any family-owned automotive shops. Prices are less and service is expedited. You are not obligated to see a national tire retailer.

Please be aware – large tire retailers will sometimes refuse to install your tires. They are in the business of selling tires so they will likely point out every detail on your used tire(s). Keep your distance from large tire retailers and support a small family-owned business.


How much is installation?

Small businesses usually charge anywhere from $15 – $30, depending on tire size. Runflats or any high-end vehicle tires may cost more. It usually takes around 45 minutes to install 4 tires.